1. Do it yourself. Make it your primary business and work hard at it every day. Put in the time, do the studying, put your own money at risk, find a system that works for you and, with any luck, after ten or so years, if everything comes together – you might become an expert trader and make money.OR
  2. Follow the plan of a successful, highly-profitable trader with a track record of making money for others. Just piggy-back my recommendations and trade. My goal with McMaster Online is to show you that ANYONE CAN MAKE MONEY if they diversify their trades and apply principles of good money management. By the way, how I analyze and trade the markets is detailed in my book, The Art of the Trade. I have always said, “The greatest bargain available to man is the low cost of good advice.” This is precisely what I work hard to give you daily in McMaster Online.

For the most part, I’m here full time, market-tick-by-market-tick, day-by-day, day-in and day-out, 24/7 – so you don’t have to be.

My market computers are in my home, so I can and do check on the market throughout the 24 hour day. I have lived and breathed the markets for over 40 years. Not much occurs that I have not seen before in the markets. So, this is a labor of love for me. I would be doing it anyway for my own trading and investing without producing McMaster Online. So I give you what I am literally thinking, analyzing, and trading/investing in myself. I pride myself in being professional on your behalf, as I bring my four decades of successful trading experience to the table. I love doing this. And I get great satisfaction out of sharing McMaster Online with you. My parents were teachers, and I have inherited their passion for helping others learn and grow.

It’s partly because of emotion that most traders buy and sell at the wrong time. Or they hold onto losses for way too long. Or they cut their profits short by selling too soon. Or they use poor money management techniques.

With McMaster Online I will guide you and help you avoid such trading financial minefields. When Frank Pusateri of NY with E.F. Hutton rated my work as the top money manager in the nation over a 3-year period, Hutton computed that I had a “zero probability of ruin.” And my book, The Art of the Trade, explains it all in detail — how I analyze and trade the markets and apply money management techniques.

I really attempt to do all the hard work for you, to be your best coach in the markets. There are no systems to learn, no seminars to attend, no videos to watch. I tell you exactly what contract to trade in a specific trade, when to buy, and when to sell, how to protect yourself in the market, so you have the best opportunity I can give you to maximize your profits and minimize your risk.

You don’t need any data feeds or software. You don’t need to know a market top from a market bottom, or a bull market from a bear market. All you need is an e-mail address. I work to help you catch fish in the market and learn how to catch fish in the market on your own, if you wish.

You get clear, easy-to-follow buy and sell signals. I tell you when to take part of your profits, when to take all of them, and when to cut your losses short. I tell you how to protect yourself while you are in the trade. And for those of you who are immersed in the markets, my “Trades Under Consideration” give you daily a cornucopia of market trading opportunities where you can potentially profit.

Plus, if you like, you will learn much from trading and tracking the markets along with me. You won’t miss or overlook great trading opportunities. No longer will all the stress be on you – as it is now – doing it all alone. And I find it all exciting and fun. And I am hopeful that you will too!