You say you want to win in life
Accomplish all of which you’re capable
Then get up off your procrastinating duff
Take action, be responsible.

Decide clearly and precisely
Exactly what you want to do
Then with persistent perseverance
Work hard to see it through.

Don’t be distracted by urgent stuff
Focus on what’s important
Make plans progress toward your goal
Then to creativity’s voice you shall harken.

Next, build a team of kindred souls
Who share your heart’s desire
Working together, all with a stake
Fans the passion for your fire.

Look to serve before you’re served
Make everyone a winner
The whole is greater than its parts
The pie gets bigger, not thinner.

Listen closely to what others say
Be humble and empathetic
Holding your tongue while others talk
Reaps dividends that are more than cosmetic.

Last, neglect not care of yourself
If you do, others also will
Growth, love, diet, exercise and rest
Such sharpens all your skills.

©R.E. McMaster, Jr.
August 1, 1997