We enter this world alone, uncomfortably, out of control, with nothing, facing the unknown.
We depart this world alone, uncomfortably, out of control, with nothing, facing the unknown.
In between, we spend our lives (for the most part) avoiding being alone and uncomfortable, controlling,
Striving to accumulate something, fleeing the unknown.
It’s foolishness.
We flee the inevitable.
The finish is like the start.
Besides, in between we know not how much time we have.

Life’s key then is to be settled, relaxed, at peace with being alone, uncomfortable, not in control, with nothing, and the unknown.
All else is a futile escape from reality, a self-styled delusion,
a cruel joke we play on ourselves, self-deception.
We are frantically busy unconsciously chasing our own tails.
We can never return to the known security of our mother’s womb
where we were never alone, were comfortable, controlled, and wanted for nothing.
The full illumination of this folly stops us dead in our tracks.
Then we can at last be still, alive, and know God.
We can more fully appreciate good company, comfort, order, the trappings of life and knowing.
We can be human BEINGS instead of human DOINGS.

How then shall we live in this precious, precarious, short middle?
Consciously, compassionately, considerately, caringly, lovingly, faithfully, responsibly, humbly.
When we face the truth of the beginning and the end,
we can more wisely live the middle.
We can live truly free, discarding our invisible chains.

For what unique and higher purpose have we been created and called?
When we discover and develop that plumb line, that living laser beam, and abide in it,
we have enveloped the essence of life.
We have escaped the snare of self-deception.

© R.E. McMaster, Jr.
March 16, 1996