There are at core only two parts of the economic equation: land and labor; put differently the earth and people; natural resources and man. That is it.

This is the two ingredient recipe for economics, pure and simple, the bottom line of human action. With these two basic ingredients as givens, we can develop a model on how to structure the economic recipe/equation to maximize wealth, peace and prosperity for individuals, for the majority of people who will fall naturally under the bell shaped curve (Gaussian distribution).

Here is broad outline are the central components of such a model which, if implemented, demonstrate how and why we should all be richer with each subsequent generation in an honest economic and money system. This model will only deal with man and the materials of the earth. It does not consider such possibilities as harvesting the minerals of the moon, or colonizing other planets, or living on the ocean floor, or harvesting the metals and minerals of either ocean water or the ocean floor, or alien invasions, or quantum leaps in technology (which, by the way, tend to occur during historical times of radical change such as these). We will deal with man and the earth as it is today.