I have been asked what model, what belief system, I use to process and interpret the world. What spiritual, mental and emotional matrix do I utilize to filter all the information I process to then turn around and not only derive meaning from it, but also project what will happen in the future. As we all know, a test of the truth of a model or a system is how well it jives with reality, and how accurately does it forecast the future. Does it also work in different times of history and in different cultures? And, of course, truth, if it is to be truth, has to be separate from us and does not change. When it comes to truth, it does not matter if we know it, like it, agree with it, or how we feel about it. Truth just is. It stands on its own and alone.

Truth does not come easily for mankind, as mankind is programmed in his standard life-controlling subconscious from an early age into a biased and limited culture and language that is constantly reinforced throughout most of his life by family, peers, education, media, entertainment and the economic/political/social environment. So, it is not easy for mankind to escape, as Jesus put it, the “traditions of men”. These traditions form our psychological comfort zone and build a sturdy thorny hedge that inhibits us from reaching or even seeking fundamental truth, always a painful bubble-pricking process. Indeed, it could be argued that unless and until one lives outside of the culture and language in which one was reared for a meaningful period of time, one cannot even begin to escape one’s restrictive language and cultural bubble, much less penetrate the thorny hedge of truth. How can one see and perceive outside of one’s bubble if one has never really been meaningfully outside of it?

For reasons God only knows, I have always been curious and inclined to ask the difficult questions, even when loudly criticized for doing so. I just wanted to get to the truth of the matter, whatever that was/is. In my early 20s, I adopted the Lebanese proverb: “Truth kills those who hide from it.” And unless one is incredibly fortunate, this is exactly the case. Truth eventually does kill those who hide from it. Ignorance is only bliss short-term. In any case, life has never allowed me either the time or the luxury to live with my illusions, something, it would seem, the vast majority spend much of their lives indulging. Oh, well.

What follows is a series of essays written over the past 15 years that pretty much grab how I view the world now, the model I use to understand how the world works and why, and the base from which I do my analysis and futuristic projections. Written holographically, each essay stands on its own. So, feel free to pick and choose. But there is also an order, continuity, and a cohesiveness (big picture) that emerges from reading the essays in the order presented. This is, in a way, a much condensed but updated and extended version of my 1995, 476-page book, The Christ Within. What follows reflects how my thinking has changed, crystallized and synthesized over the past 16 years. At this point in my life, it is where I am on the road to discovering meaning and truth in this life. And so I share my insights with you freely, no strings attached, no agenda, to share with whomever you wish, in the hope you and those you care about will derive benefit from the perspective I now hold, which, from my viewpoint, has cost me everything. I have had figuratively to die to everything, and this seems to be an ongoing process. …