My name is R.E. McMaster.

Let me give you
a little perspective on my work…

My Bio
  • During the Reagan presidency, the White House had five separate subscriptions to my newsletter.
  • I have gifts in my home from two US presidents.
  • I was one of only 80 men selected for the Library of Congress “think tank” on economic and military matters under Dr. William Whitson.
  • In 1987, I co-developed an Economic Development Plan for the Cayman Islands. My ideas and plan helped turn their economy around by encouraging banks to provide capital to small businesses, which led to more jobs for the locals and developed a strong free market for labor from Jamaica.
  • My work has been praised by governments and corporations around the world for its clarity, sound principles, and astounding accuracy. In Alberta, Canada in the mid 1980s the Agricultural Department brought me in to help agri-business owners make sense of the country’s economic climate and help them develop more profitable businesses.
  • When Argentina was in dire need of help in turning their country’s economy around in 1988, I flew in to help top government officials develop a master plan to attract and hold foreign capital. Argentina applied it successfully for several years before deviating from the plan and slipping back to its old decadent ways.
  • In 1983, the president of Guatemala, Efrain Rios-Mont, retained me exclusively to reform and revamp the country’s economy into a U.S.-type constitutional republic. It was so dangerous in the country, and my work threatened so many corrupt special interests, that I was often escorted by armed guards carrying fully automatic machine guns. This earned me the nickname “The Indiana Jones of Third World Economics.”
  • Cuba’s top Western educated officials personally invited me to Cuba to help straighten out that country’s agriculture and housing dilemmas in 2001. I have a standing invitation to return whenever I want to talk business and economics.
  • When I was working as a money manager and word got out that I was starting a limited series of fifty managed futures trading accounts, I raised $4.5 million dollars in five days from traders who wanted to cash in on my expertise. So many traders applied that I was only able to take one-third of the applicants.
  • For three straight years I was rated by E.F. Hutton’s Frank Pusateri as the nation’s top futures money manager, averaging a net return of 64% a year with a zero probability of ruin. Hutton, Shearson, and Hornblower & Weeks all approved me nationally as a commodity trading advisor.
  • I was voted “most valuable” and “read by the most brokers” in a nationwide survey by Futures Magazine and was elected one of Futures Magazine’s All-Star Trader’s Hotline Advisors.
  • I regularly work with – and learn from – some of the most successful traders and investors in the world, including W.D. Gann, Larry Williams, and mentor and legendary technical systems’ developer, Welles Wilder, who some believe should be awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics.
  • To make money in commodities trading requires precise timing for entry and exit of positions. I come by this precise attention to detail naturally, because I was qualified as a T-38 jet instructor pilot in the U.S. Air Force – and when you are flying supersonic jets, absolute precision is a must.
  • In 1999, I wrote the McGraw-Hill best-seller, The Art of The Trade, which sold out the window display three times in Chicago’s largest B. Dalton bookstore.
  • For nearly 20 years professional traders and brokers paid $2,400 a year for my evening Daily Market Hotline, Cycle III.
  • For over 20 years I published a very successful futures trading newsletter, The Reaper. Ninety-two percent of my readers regularly renewed their subscriptions.
  • And over the past 40 years many major player in the futures markets have used my services and recommended me to their friends and clients.