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R.E. McMaster was once known on Wall Street as “The Indiana Jones of Developing World Economics.” (primary commodity producers)…


And in the futures market, regarding McMaster, Business Week wrote: “When the guru of Whitefish talks, Chicago listens. Timing is McMaster’s forte.


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Investors return again and again to McMaster because through the years he has maintained a batting average over .600, which is a Hall of Fame average if there ever was one.

— Ron Schultz, in his best-selling book, Unconventional Wisdom

I have known RE McMaster for over 28 years. During that time I have watched him magically time the markets virtually to the day. In Jan of ’87, I watched him pick the topping out of the stock market to the week – 8 months in advance, at which point we watched the market collapse.

I have known 100’s of forecasters of the markets and consider RE one of the brightest and most successful. I consider him a friend and listen to him on a daily basis in McMaster Online. My financial decisions aren’t made lightly and certainly aren’t made without seeing what he has to say about the markets on a daily basis.

— Van Simmons, David Hall Rare Coins

Over the years, R.E.’s market recommendations have helped this writer profit handsomely in his own portfolio.

— Donald S. McAlvany, McAlvany Intelligence Advisor

I’ve known R.E. since 1975. He amazes me with his uncanny ability to present insightful commentary regarding the markets. R.E. is truly a ‘philosopher-techno-fundamentalist,’ unparalleled in the market journalistic community.

— Tom DeMark, World’s Foremost Trading Systems Creator

One of the best … a veteran trader of 25 years.

— John J. Hill, Futures Truth

Having been a Reaper and McMaster Online reader for 28+ years, WOW, your clients have to be thrilled!

— Ted Low

I have known R.E.’s work for years. His insight and overview are fantastic.

— Jake Bernstein, legendary commodities guru

I am a new subscriber to your online update service. So far I like it and find it very useful. It is refreshing to see a trading service deliver as advertised.

— Jose F

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