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R.E. McMaster was once known on Wall Street as “The Indiana Jones of Developing World Economics.” (primary commodity producers)…


And in the futures market, regarding McMaster, Business Week wrote: “When the guru of Whitefish talks, Chicago listens. Timing is McMaster’s forte.


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In 2001, I started this very special program where every day I e-mail my specific trades and “Trades Under Consideration” to a select group of traders.

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R.E. gives the mental game the great attention it deserves as the most critical determinant of success or failure for the majority of traders.

— Dan Manternach, President, Professional Farmers of America

I have known RE McMaster for over 28 years. During that time I have watched him magically time the markets virtually to the day. In Jan of ’87, I watched him pick the topping out of the stock market to the week – 8 months in advance, at which point we watched the market collapse.

I have known 100’s of forecasters of the markets and consider RE one of the brightest and most successful. I consider him a friend and listen to him on a daily basis in McMaster Online. My financial decisions aren’t made lightly and certainly aren’t made without seeing what he has to say about the markets on a daily basis.

— Van Simmons, David Hall Rare Coins

His experience on what works and what doesn’t is extremely valuable for any trader, novice or experienced. In today’s tumultuous crisis markets, nothing can replace the many years of experience R.E. brings to the table. Academic theoreticians don’t hack it in today’s environment.

— Bert Dohmen, Editor, The Wellington Letter

An investment legend.

— Personal Investing News

Thanks for letting me read McMaster Online. I am amazed at how accurately you have predicted everything in the world, especially economically.

I remember when I first met you in 2002. You would say things about the economy and the world in general. I am very gullible and I realize it, so, I really just ‘sort of’ listened to you. I always believed that you knew what you were talking about. But, the fact that you were this on the money is just plain scary. — You don’t happen to have a crystal ball, do you?

— S. Spencer

McMaster’s analyses continue to be useful.

— Paul Volcker, former Chairman, Federal Reserve Board

When the guru of Whitefish talks, Chicago listens. Timing is McMaster’s forte.

— Business Week

I would definitely recommend R.E.

— Dr. Mark Skousen, Forecasts & Strategies

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